Reactivity problems after update from 1.4.4 to 1.11.1

Hello guys!

I have a problem related to reactivity since I have updated Meteor from versions 1.4.4 to 1.11.1.

It seems that only the Insert and Delete operations are working reactively now.

After I modify a document in the data base, nothing changes instantly in Minimongo, I must refresh the page to re-run the code in order to see the updates made to documents.

At first, I thought that the filters witch I had in the publications and subscriptions are the source of the problem, although they ran properly in version 1.4.4, but even after erasing them, the problem persists.

Here is a piece of my code from one of my modules after I simplified it:

Meteor.publish('clients', function pubClients () {
  return Clients.find({});

Template.clientsView.onCreated( function bodyOnCreated(){
  // …

    return Clients.find({});

My guess is that the issue is somewhere in the code that was removed to post a simplified version.
If you start a new project with this code, you will have reactive updates

Can you either create a reproduction, or post more code so that we can see what might be the issue?

Sorry for posting back that late.
In the process of gradually eliminating code that could have caused the problem, we ended up erasing the package " nicolaslopezj:excel-export " which we had installed a couple of years ago in the project and which worked fine with 1.4 version until the update had been made and now, everything seems to be working fine.

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weird, any clue how that package was breaking reactivity?
It must have been doing some awfully deep monkey patching

nope, not even a clue