Reactivity slow after network request


I have a large amount of documents that I’m updating through an API callout. This items then get bulkUpserted. Part of that data update is that 1 property gets filled out.

I’m displaying this property in Blaze and upon refresh of the data and upsert I’m only seeing some of the documents get reactively updated (info is added into an html input). But…when I refresh the page…all the fields show up.

To me, this sounds like reactivity is not catching up with the data being refreshed. Any ideas on how to fix this?

There is this remark in the documentation regarding publish and subscribe:

Currently, when multiple subscriptions publish the same document only the top level fields are compared during the merge. This means that if the documents include different sub-fields of the same top level field, not all of them will be available on the client. We hope to lift this restriction in a future release.

Might the above be the reason in your case?

I don’t think so. Strangely enough it’s not occurring anymore after I added another operation to the bulk

I don’t like bugs that disappear just like that.

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No such thing as coincidence

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