ReactMeteorComponent and React 16.11

I had to upgrade my Meteor 1.8 app to React 16.11, due to some component requirements. Since then, I get a deprecation notice that componentWillUpdate() has been renamed. This is quite annoying.

I’m not planning to upgrade to Meteor 1.9 soon, because it’s still pretty new.

Are there any plans to upgrade react-meteor-data to be compliant to React 16.11+, but still compatible to Meteor 1.8? This would be awesome.

Please check version 1.0 of react-meteor-data. I made the PR before we moved to version 2.0

By the way, version 2.x should be compatiblle with 1.8 but at least 1.0 will handle your problem

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Thanks for the reply.

The thing is, if I do meteor update react-meteor-data, I get the message that the package is already at its latest compatible version, which is 0.2.16.+

If it’s safe to do meteor update react-meteor-data@^1.0.0 or even for ^2.0.1, I’ll do that. I was just a bit hesitating because Meteor does not really follow semver. Plus, it’s pretty easy to forget that you’ve fixed a package to a certain version, which may cause problems once you upgrade Meteor later.

The only difference between 0.2.16 and 1.0.0 is explicitly to solve the problem you posted above. The only reason it is not the default is due to the requirement of React 16.8+

Ok, I see. Then I’ll upgrade to 1.0.0 or the latest version. Thanks for sharing these insights.

Update: Unfortunately, the update does not work, because meteoreact:accounts is depending on 0.2.16. Well, sometimes you really run into “update hell”…

This is just the reality of third party packages. Fortunately though everything is backwards compatible and so it should be as simple as forking and updating the package.js of meteoreact:accounts. Submit a pull request and clone it to the packages dir temporarily until it gets merged and published

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Yes, that’s what I ended up with. The challenge is that the React accounts package isn’t maintained anymore, so it’s not very likely to be updated.

If it’s not updated then simply install the package manually, update the dependency and never touch it again :wink:

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I think you can force it to update by adding this to your .meteor/packages file.

react-meteor-data@1.0.0! - the explaimation point there at the end is supposed to override constraints.

Interesting. I did not know that. The only downside of this is that it’s pretty hard to forget. Would you still get an info message if you upgrade Meteor to a newer version that might not be compatible anymore?