ReactMeteorData mixin or react-meteor-data package?

I was doing Meteor the Blaze “way” for 1 year, now trying to switch to React…
I read a lot about the [ReactMeteorData] mixin and the “getMeteorData()” hook. Recently at the Meteor
Guides, I read about the “react-meteor-data” package and "createContainer"
Question is: where should I go through now? Is the mixin approach deprecated?
Thanks in advance!

Definitely go for the createContainer approach - mixins haven’t been deprecated yet but they likely will be in the future. It’s recommended to use components defined as functions or ES6 classes

Just adding this here to further confuse things :slight_smile: … the createContainer approach still uses mixins!

That being said, based on how it’s setup it can be easily refactored later if mixins disappear.

Thank you so much! I will go the “createContainer” way!