Read docx file containing clipart

My assignment requires to read docx file which contains images as well as equations add using clipart.

I am using the npm package mammoth. Which allows me to read text and images. But I am not able to read the equations. Sample are below:


Please help to read this.

Also if other package is able to do so, let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Meteor forums, @madhavir.

Your question seems to have nothing to do with Meteor, or even Node.js in general, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll get the help you need here.

To partly answer your question: the NPM package you mention is responsible for parsing the Word docx format, but actually recognising the text in various images belongs to a field called OCR (optical character recognition).

So I’d say you need to find an OCR library that can recognise mathematical formulas, then pass any images to it as you parse the doc with mammoth.

Good luck!