Read image from node_modules?

I’ve recently forked an atmosphere package and have attempted to convert it to an npm. I have it working for the most part, however there is a folder with a bunch of images in this package that I don’t know how to reference in my Meteor app. How can I get Meteor to read images from the node_modules folder, or what is the best approach?

So no ideas on going about this? :sweat_smile: I guess I’ll just have to…fork it as an atmosphere package then…?

import ‘package-name/folder1/folder2’

I can import the JS just fine, what I mean is having the images from the npm be accessible, either from / or some specific directory. Right now it doesn’t seem I can access images within node_modules in any way?

Not sure if this would work or be the best way, but could you import or dynamic import the images on the server, and serve them using

// Listen to incoming HTTP requests (can only be used on the server).
WebApp.connectHandlers.use('/hello', (req, res, next) => {
  res.end(`Hello world from: ${Meteor.release}`);