Read my google account's youtube watched video history list


What i can do is authenticate my login using my google account, What i need is to get my youtube watched video history after this login, Any help is appreciated


Probably get more feedback posting to something like

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i did and they seem not so helpful


By default, Google saves your You Tube watched history in your Logged account. To check history follow below steps:

Open Gmail - Click on my account - My Activity

Hope this would help you.



You will need to go through the Youtube API. There might be some limits to how much you can access from a channell, so you have to dig through the documentation. I think you might find history under playlists.
Also don’t forget to activate the API in Google Console. If the history is not on Youtube as @anitashah mentioned you might need to use another service to get to it.

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Thanks storyteller, i already used the Youtube API V3 but getting watched history list seems to be deprecated and unfortunately there is no work around to do it, Google seems not wanting developers to get this list, i am trying scrapping their url as a final solution, hope it works.


Yeah, it can be a privacy concern, not to mention that you can make it private and turn it off (like I did).

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Hi @amrsamir. Did you ever get a working solution? Thanks!