Read/write/browse local fs's files from client side desktop Meteor app?

I asked the same question this morning on StackOverflow without success.

(I am new to Meteor and NodeJs environments)

I would like to implement a Meteor-based webapp which needs to read/write/browse files on the client’s local filesystem. I used the Meteor package arboleya:electrify to make the client side webapp a desktop app, with the hope of having the access rights to read the filesystem (because if Atom can do it, then why not my app).

My problem so far is that I don’t understand how I can use an API like NodeJs’s fs from a Meteor client.

Edit: This question is for a client Meteor app, connected to a remote Meteor server.

Any success in finding a solution? Particularly one that doesnt rely on electron?

A new version of Electrify fixed the problem using IPC between the host Electron’s NodeJS and the Meteor client’s NodeJS. However, I didn’t have the opportunity to test it as I changed my global architecture strategy.