Reading videos with GridFS

I am trying to read a video from FS collection with gridFS. I succeded to read a video when i insert the video with an http url, like that :

  Images.insert('', function (err, fileObj) {

      videos: function () {
        return Images.find(); // Where Images is an FS.Collection instance

Then in the HMTL file, i display the video like that and it works :

    {{#each videos}}
    <p> {{this.url}} </p>
          <video id="example_video_1" class="video-js vjs-default-skin"  controls preload="auto" width="640" height="264"> 
            <source src="{{this.url}}" type="video/mp4"/>

But when i try to insert via local file path, it doesn’t work :

Images.insert(process.env.PWD + '/private/check_all_services_service_1&audio_jpn_2fe8_e217.mp4', function (err, fileObj) {
        // Inserted new doc with ID fileObj._id, and kicked off the data upload using HTTP

The video is well included in the collection like with the http link method but when i display on my web app, it says the video may be corrupted or nothing is shows.

Thanks in advance for any help

Have you tried using Assets.getBinary() instead of building the path with process.env.PWD?