Real time and mongoDB in meteor

hi everyone,
I am a novice at meteor and the whole field in general. I need -in my embedded project- real time display of a big quantity of data,and I wonder whether mongoDB can assure that for me in meteor.
thanks in advance.,

Hello yasmina,

What do you mean by embedded project? Arduino? Raspberry pi?
And what do you mean by displaying a big quantity of data?

With mongo, you can store loads of data (from sensors, for example) and then aggregate them with the aggregation pipeline, so the device that displays the data only needs to get the aggregated values.

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frankly…I didn’t understand that much the real-time aspect of meteor…I have been told to do a stress test in order to find out whether meteor can display a big amount of data.

hard to tell what you really want to do. Do you really need to display 40+ thousands of documents at once for single user? With meteor you should be actually chunking your data and deliver within pages with help of packages such as or similar. Can’t really see the point of displaying gazilion datasets at once for one user. It will cripple both your server and client