Real time health of galaxy


Is there any where that we can get to know if galaxy servers are facing issues?

I have one free app and one in Essentials plan. Both are not opening today! In Essentials their support is 2 business days.
Also I can’t login to the remote mongodb via robo 3T.

Wondering what to do. I’m a solo developer (from India) having made

Doing app maintenance itself is a big task and if galaxy servers give me downtime then I’ve no hope of getting satisfied customers.

What am I missing? Where do galaxy team notify their real time status?

Thanks in advance!


Hello @digisarathi

We added a section on our status page about the issue with Free MongoDB Shared Hosting in the US Virginia Region. It is important to note that the MongoDB we provide for free is not meant to be used in production. As it does not provide backups or restoration resources.

We are already investigating the issue.

Our page is:

Also, making it clear that almost all of our tickets we respond on the same day, we are always looking to improve our customer service.

Best Regards,

Philippe Oliveira
Meteor Cloud

Hello Philippe,
Thank you for your reply.

As this is a side hobby project, I’m trying to keep the tech work & costs to the bare minimum. Hence not doing the db hosting elsewhere for now.

The status page for galaxy free/paid is nice so that solo devs like me don’t wonder ‘is it my code? did I goof up the deploy? etc’ i think this status url should be nice & clear in the galaxy home page

Thank you for trying to keep response times small.