Real-time Meteor App connected with Arduino plus Wii Nunchuck


This is a project where i try to figure out how Meteors real-time synchronization feature help with handling and viewing sensor-data. Figure out how it fits to the “Internet of Things” IoT. And how the sensor-data stored in MongoDB can be used for data analysis and visualization.

Project on GitHub and slides of related talk.

Try it out and give feedback. :wink:


This is so cool. Johny-five and Meteor in action! :wink:

I played with Arduino too. With help of Cylon.js. It’s fun. :smiley:
My thoughts:


Hi, this is great and cool demo. Meteor is a absoultly nice piece of the cake for the IOT. We are using it directly running on ARM boards as UDOO ( ) as well as on Raspberry Pi ( ). In this case you can run the server code and controlling sensors, buttons … directly on the same board. This is why we currently provide the unsupported fork for meteor on ARM architectures ( ). If you like to play around with that check the tips blog on Tumblr ( ) for installation and running meteor on that boards.