Real World Meteor - Building Scalable, Resilient Meteor Apps for the Real World

A few days ago, I posted here and a few other places asking my fellow Meteor developers what they wanted to learn. Almost 100 of you took the time to fill out my survey and help me answer that question, which I sincerely appreciate! Of the people who answered, the winner when it came to what topics people are looking to learn was building scalable, resilient Meteor apps that can hold up in a real world production environment. So I am excited to announce that I will be writing a book on exactly that! You can sign up at to get updates on the progress, and also get discount opportunities when they come up :slight_smile: Thanks so much for helping me out everyone and I can’t wait to write this book for the community!

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I think you hit the sweet spot there!
Looking forward to it. Pune m’bare (may your work go well)

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I’m new to Metoer, and still feel some doubt about it for a large application that needs to scale. However, I’m under pressure for developing such an app right now. From all the resources, and all the people i’ve met at meetups, there isn’t a convincing example that can make me see easily how scalable it can be. It seems there needs to be quite some hacks before it becomes scalable, but trying the solutions might take a lot of time. Would you please, in a few words, give your opinion on whether Meteor can be used with a complex app that needs to have high scalability and sharding of MongoDB? That would be a very great help for my decision on whether to go forward with Meteor. Thank you!

If programming followed practices of book publishing, we would still be coding using COBOL and punched cards. :wink: Instead of updates of progress, why not updates of your work-in-progress book, that we would prepurchase at some discounted price? That way, we end up with information that we need now and not when it’s already outdated by the time when it gets published. You end up with proofreading and feedback that a reasonable amount of money can not buy. Can you spell “WIN WIN” for both sides? :slight_smile:


I’m considering to preorder the book. Can you publish a table of contents to help us to take the decision? Thanks. makes that easy, by the way