Realworld meteor exemple app

Hello everyone.

A few days ago I find realworld. It’s a project where you can find different implementation of the same blog (named conduit) into different technologie.
I see that the meteor version was missing so I took moment to start an implementation of it.

If you want to help and don’t hesitate to send an issue or a PR.
There is also a demo


Another interesting project to participate in. I guess I add it to a list of things to do. I would like to implement it React+Meteor (and probably with Socialize packages as well).

Very interesting.

We could have a blaze, react, svelte, & angular meteor version of this which you can’t say about many other dev environments.

This could be the start of really nice tutorial series.

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Thanks for creating a Meteor example app @peernohell :comet::raised_hands:. It’s great to see Meteor on there. I also find it amazing that there are SO MANY front-end & back-end options, but it looks like Meteor is one of the only full-stack options being worked on.

The front-end & back-end divide is “real” out there, haha :joy: (28 front-end stacks [+15 WIP] & 42 back-end stacks [+42 WIP] & only 3 WIP full-stacks) :exploding_head:

I know the history and real world of software development teams has had a big divide between back-ends & front-ends, but it still blows my mind that most JS devs have not tried Meteor. I still see this as tremendous growth potential. It’s too easy to see the benefits once you try it :rocket:

I’m sharing this graphic because it might be helpful for the external world to see what Meteor initially looks like these days.