Rebuild sometimes skips files since 1.5.1

Since updating to 1.5.1, I have a feeling when saving multiple files at once (in Atom), some of them are often skipped in the rebuild. This totally messes with your head the first couple times, as you’re seeing errors that you can’t explain looking at your code… :flushed: It took me a while to figure out this must what’s happening — and I’m still not quite sure as it’s hard to reproduce due to its seemingly random nature. I post it here because I want to know if it’s happening to others as well.

Are any of you experiencing this?

I am 100% sure this is happening now. I got a method x does not exist error, while it did exist. Added a space, saved again, and the error was gone. This drives me nuts! @benjamn , any idea what this could be?

I have found the same behavior during last week so there must be something going on, related to the changes in 1.5.1

I’m seeing the same thing on 1.5.1.

This issue is being tracked here: