Recent posts/articles/resources on hosting meteor on ec2?

Does anyone know the current state of meteor on ec2? Any tips on where to look?

Has anyone hosted a meteor app on amazon’s GovCloud ec2? @awatson1978?


Looks like you can’t host mongo atlas on GovCloud which is a bummer:

" Atlas supports all AWS regions other than those in China and US GovCloud"

It’s been pretty stable for the past few years. Most of the articles will be from 2015 or 2016, but not much has changed since then. We just hat another deployment 6 months ago, and it was the same routine as always.

Haven’t done a GovCloud installation myself, but we have one client in the sales pipeline that would require it. As I understand things, you’re on the right track in asking the question, as GovCloud is mostly similar to the HIPAA tier.

Keep in mind that HIPAA and GovCloud have always had a limited set of functions, and not supported things like Elastic Beanstalk and 3rd party logging and data storage. So not supporting Atlas is pretty standard in that regard.

Thanks @awatson1978. Looks like I should learn some more about hosting my own mongo on ec2.

Looks like they’ve recently added beanstalk:

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