RecoilJS with useTracker

I’m working on moving some parts of my app’s Contexts into RecoilJS atoms and wondering about the best way to handle loading reactive data. Has anyone found a nice pattern for this?

Here is a contrived example showing a useEffect pattern, allowing the isLoading state of the subscription to be used. I’ve used this pattern in a couple of components so far, but haven’t done extensive testing as I’m only experimenting with Recoil and curious if anyone else has used it with success.

type SiteType = {
    _id: string
    name: string
    projectId: string

export const sitesState = atom({
    key: 'SitesState',
    default: [] as SiteType[]

export const useSites = (projectId) => {
    const [recoilSites, setSitesState] = useRecoilState(sitesState)

    const { isLoading, sites } = useTracker(() => {

        const data = { isLoading: true, sites: [] }

        const siteHandler = Meteor.subscribe('sitePublisher')

        if (siteHandler.ready()) {
            data.isLoading = false
            data.sites = SiteCollection.find({ projectId }).fetch()
        return data

    useEffect(() => {
        // pseudo code here!
        // deep compare recoilSites with sites returned from tracker
        // if different, setSitesState

    }, [sites])
    return isLoading;