Recommend a queue/job collection package with UI

I have a time-consuming calculation that has to be launched from admin panel in portions. I can’t run the entire dataset calculation for several reasons. The procedure has to be run every month, but for the beginnig I need some manual control:

  • see the list of items to process, choose some of them (via checkboxes)
  • run the processing (meteor method that calls a microservice over http) and see its progress
  • even if you reload the page (and loose the method callback with data), still see the task progress
  • one minor detail: items to process should be in a collection and filtered to avoid re-doing them again in the next turn

Here’s an example of a page layout:

Available items:

[ ] A
[x] B
[x] C
[ click to process the selected items ]


D: success, 1 day ago
E: parsing the response: 15 of 100  [ cancel ]
F: waiting                          [ cancel ]
G: cancelled 1 hour ago
H: exception: myvar is undefined in main.js:40:5

I looked at some packages, but don’t see anything convenient to start quickly. Please, recommend me what’s the best option in this case.