Recommendations for third-party logging platform

I’m looking to consolidate logs from multiple meteor apps and microservices and was hoping someone might be able to provide their recommendations and experiences with different logging platforms.

The app that I’d like to consolidate logs for consists of the following components:

  • 3 Meteor web apps
  • Dockerized microservices orchestrated by Docker Cloud of which:
    • 3 are custom meteor microservices
    • 1 is a custom express.js (node.js) microservice
    • 2 are stock third-party image based containers
  • 1 custom node.js service running on a Raspberry Pi 2 orchestrated by
  • 2 MongoDB databases
    • 1 hosted on MongoDB Atlas. This is the main database for the 3 meteor web apps.
    • 1 hosted on Compose. This is a database updated from an external source by the microservices. The 3 meteor web apps are also connected to this database.

Already implemented logging:

  • Meteor Galaxy APM
  • LogRocket for client-side logs of one of the three Meteor web apps

Ideally I’m looking for a logging platform that:

  • requires minimal codebase changes of the components listed above
  • can quickly/easily give me insights into where, across the multiple components, an error originated
  • provides anomaly detection
  • has alerting capabilities

Any recommendations or experiences relating to logging in Meteor and beyond would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!