Recommended job queue


Interested in finding Meteor job queue. Besides what is listed in comments can anyone recommend any other Meteor job queues worth considering?

Also interested in any feedback/experiences with queues.



Planning on investigating following:

Am I missing anything?


Not sure what exactly is meant by “job queue” but if it is what I think it is, then this thread can be helpful:


I’m working on a simple one. No guarantees though!


@mattcam I write my tasks/micro-services in Python/Celery. I maintain a meteor package to call celery tasks from meteor / node. -

Celery is awesome - you can invoke tasks async, or set up schedules with celery-beat.

Also, you can monitor your task throughput/delay in AWS Cloudwatch with celery-cloudwatch


  1. Python isn’t a “fast” language, like Go
  2. No re-use of your lovely isomorphic javascript libraries/code


There’s one more option available for those still looking:

You can think of it it as running a regular method call, except it will be delayed to your preference.