Recommended mongodb provider for Galaxy


what mongo provider do you recommend for Galaxy? It’s a medium sized project. Right now it’s small but I expect a few thousand users (not concurrent) and maybe a few GBs of data. If I remember correctly Atlas had issues with galaxy. Compose? Mlab? Other?

Compose work very fine for me since many years, but now MongoDB is no more available for new user account, so bad news…

I’m using compose as well, but they’ll stop mongodb classic support in June. And the new mongodb option doesn’t have oplog access by default, it’s a paid addon…

Use Atlas, I’m not aware of any problems but then again we left Galaxy long time ago.

We tried Compose but Atlas has way more to offer for us (not only from support but also from a tools perspective, eg. MongoDb Compass)

There’s Scalegrid

What’s interesting is that and Compose stopped. Well actually Compose moved to IBM…

Here’s another list with providers:

We use Atlas and really enjoy it.

MongoDB Atlas is quite good and keeps getting better and better, we use in PROD for years and never had a problem.

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