Reconnecting to a hosted mongodb instance


I am trying for the first time to use a hosted MongoDB instance (on MongoDB Atlas).

I successfully connected my dev environment to it.
In the process, I had to whitelist my IP in order to access the DB.

When I changed the network (from my box to my phone’s 4G) my IP changed and Meteor lost the connection to the DB but was not able to reconnect to the DB automatically. I had to restart the application.

Is it normal ?


When you changed IP, do you have to whitelist the new IP again to Atlas? Or was it also whitelisted prior?

Not completely sure where the reconnect happens (with thw driver or custom by Meteor)

I had to whitelist the new IP first.
But I am expecting that Meteor reconnects automatically.

Another example.
Locally I am now using a MongoDB instance (separate from Meteor and using MONGO_URL).

If my local MongoDB does not start automatically, when I’m starting the app, there is a error saying "MongoNetworkError: failed to connect to server []" and then => Exited with code: 1=> Your application is crashing. Waiting for file change. Starting the DB instance after that does not solve the problem, you have to restart the app.

Why the app does not try to reconnect automatically if the connection fails at first ? It does not seem very resilient.