Recreate Masonry reactive list with pagination


I am trying to create the masonry list layout with the use of isotope (or masonry / or packery) and pagination (click button or infinite scroll).

None of the packages work as I expect to. The css solution (column-count) is also not what is expected.

The challenges are:

  1. Store images with dimensions or use Images Loaded. I like the first variant with custom background-color.
  2. Init the isotope when all items (limited) created and rendered.
  3. When the db changes (document deleted, etc) - we need to rerender the isotope container.
  4. When load-more button clicked (or infinitive scroll implemented) - we need to append the items to the isotope container (not rerender the whole isotope).
  5. Change the element height of window resize.

This stuff is very tricky to make with reactive meteor and I need some help.
With this solution we could make the process of creating a gallery or nice item list easy for all of us.

Maybe someone is interested?