Redirect to external URL with Auth HTTP Basic

Hi, I’m with a problem that I figure out every day but I can’t solve.

I need to redirect the user to external URL. But, this URL is protected with HTTP Auth Basic. My system has the user and password to send on redirect.

I’m trying some like this in server:

import { ServerRouter } from 'meteor/mhagmajer:server-router';

const serverRouter = new ServerRouter();

    path: '/sso/:n+',
    args: ({ n }) =>,
    async route(...args) {
         this.res.writeHead(301, {
             'Cache-Control': 'no-cache',
             'Authorization': "Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
             Location: ''

But the Authorization don’t work here. I saw in http server from legacy that header not arrive. I test in Postman and work perfectly. Let me know if exists other way to do this.