Redis-oplog - horizontal scaling (with subs) - pub sub lite package

Hi everyone,

Some question as we’re also having some scaling problematics:

  • is their any downside / risk at using redis-oplog, just the basic config mentioned in the package (

  • is redis-oplog managing scaling with multiple instances. Our host (clever-cloud) can scale horizontally but right now I could see that if multiple users have a subscription to their same data and connected to different instances there is quite a delay for the update to happen with the (those on the same instance have instant update, for the other ones it’s slower). Is redis-oplog solving this issue ? Does it mean Meteor is not made originally for this type of scaling ?

  • I have seen recently this pub/sub lite package. Same question as redis:oplog: is there any downside in using it ? If not shouldn’t it be the main implementation of sub/pub in Meteor? (

FYI we are using the msavin:jobs library from @msavin in linked to our sub pubs and I am not sure how having Jobs queue on the 2 different instances can be a problem or not ?

Thanks in advance.

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