Reducing meteor file size - which packages can i remove or substitute?

I’ve been noticing meteor really adds a lot file overhead to your app. Well, actually that’s been known for a while but after optimizing all my Polymer related code, I can only try to optimize more on the Meteor side. I m using almost 100% Polymer on the frontend, I barely use Blaze for anything (only to pass data via helpers to Polymer components), so I’ve been wondering if there is a smaller subset of Blaze and/or is it possible to get rid of jQuery yet? I am using zero jQuery and maybe 5% Blaze, it doesn’t make sense to include those huge files that both weigh 1.2MB non gzipped/minified.

I’m also interested in how I can get involved with writing a package/integration for Polymer in order to get rid of Blaze and jQuery. Maybe @arunoda has some insights on how to approach this? Does ReactRouter still use blaze somewhere under the hood?