Redux React and Meteor

Read and saw a lot of material about Readux and I don’t understand why it is so cool.
I can’t find any real example where Redux is needed.

Can some one show the main reason for use Redux with Meteor ?

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This is one reason (-:

And if you need send some information from one Componemt to another, well, you can use Session, but redux - is React way

Wow, it seems like it’s ready to use. Did I miss something?

You haven’t missed anything official yet, but we should see an announcement very soon. The newly revamped website site, paired with the recent doc updates and intense GitHub activity, means we’re getting closer. That being said, there is definitely enough in place to start playing around with.

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This is both awesome and terrible…

Awesome because I love what you’re doing…

Terrible because I’m trying to make progress on a project and keep getting distracted by these new tools and techniques which are being “figured out”.

I want to be able to use Meteor + React + Redux (+Apollo?) right now, for a current, not-insignificant, but I’m having a hard time because it feels like the ground is shifting under my feet a bit. I want more example applications on that whole stack, more complex than 1-page todolist, to crib from.

(sorry if I complained there… I’m not complaining at you guys. THANK YOU for bringing this awesome tech into the Meteor community and pushing us forward)


I know that feeling. For instance, I’ve learned a lot about meteor with blaze from wekan repository and it would be really helpful if someone share any big project with all those modern tools and good comments on it.

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I’m also looking into Meteor + React + Redux. Made a kickstarter project (still wip) which also uses the Flow Router and Mantra architecture.
Also wanted to dive into React Komposer

Also the Corona Project was a lot helpful


@saschb2b it’s a few days later, what happened? what do you think worked and didn’t work?

Also - want to lend a hand at simple-schema → form creation and validation?

@zeroasterisk still haven’t come to a clear conclusion. Currently working on two projects parallel. One with Meteor/Mantra/Redux/React and one without Meteor/Mantra (So pure node selfbuild). Already seeing a better team task management with the mantra architecture. Better overview, faster progress (after the initial setup), less overhead for everyone so less errors. We still haven’t tocused on tests yet. Which is a big part I want to achieve with mantra.Also still pretty fresh in this area. So we’ll need some more days to say something more specific. Already loving the idea and hope to use it for more than 3 months and move on with a new structure/architecture