Redux Timetravel for Domain Data with Meteor


I am currently assessing whether or not to use Redux in my application, I’ll be using Meteor and React.

I feel like timetravel would be nice to have in my application, to allow ctrl+z and to log user actions so I can have clear usage reports.

However, I feel like the approach for using Redux in Meteor is about only using it for UI State and in my project user action usually creates input to the database, and I’d like to timetravel back and remove those insertions.

Am I right to say that Redux would be able to do so in other frameworks, but not in Meteor?

To use redux in Meteor, you have to use the Store as the local database (instead of minimongo).
And you have to forget about Tracker.
Which means it’s not really a Meteor application anymore.

Please elaborate, how would one go around minimongo and instead use the Store?

Either you don’t use publications and fetch data through methods, or you watch publications (changed callbacks…) and update your store accordingly.
That means the end of automagical data bindings ala Meteor, but that also means more power and fine tunning in your hands.

Thanks a lot for explaining, I understand better now how you meant.

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@rjakobsson, given that you are looking at this direction for your data, you might want to have a look at Apollo for your data and subscriptions. Apollo is already integrated with Redux.

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