Refactor of Mean app to Meteor and React

Hi, I’ve got an app I built over the last 3 months using a mean stack and … well obv ng1.

Problem is - I was learning as I built - and now the app has a bunch of kruft and whatnot that make the tech debt kinda brutal to maintain.

So I want to rebuild the whole thing from scratch using meteor and react.

There are a couple reasons for this - 1 I want to refactor the app anyways and clean up code.

2 - I want to move to react for view bc I like the concepts better- I kinda hate how angular works. Although I see I could use ng as view layer, which would allow me to break the project into a few chunks and may also solve a fair bit of my frustration with NG.

3 - I want a mobile version.

I did look for an existing question and didn’t find anything. Just looking for some feedback on this idea and best first steps. I have built the starter apps on meteor and react, and I’m just starting to lay out my directory structure now.

Make sure to have all your components outside of the /client folder so you have control of load order.

Be aware that meteor have support for cordova, but react-native support still is very experimental.

Did you consider upgrading your app to ng2, to get the component structure straight, before porting?