ReferenceError in Safari on iPad

I am getting the following three errors in the console whenever I try to view my meteor site in my iPad. Oddly, it works find on other iOS devices I have tried (an iPhone), but my iPad persistently did not load the site (just showed the background image) even after a full device reset. Any ideas as to what approach I should take to fix the issue?

[Error] ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: SYMBOL_ITERATOR
[Error] ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: Tracker
[Error] ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: Spacebars

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Is the iPad connecting using the same network as the other devices?
There have been issues documented where mobile providers inject javascript into webpages on mobile devices and this causes issues.

See: Cordova always breaks CSS when on 3G/4G, but works fine on WiFi

Thanks for the reply! Yes, it is on the same network - it is a Wi-Fi iPad.

I should add that I can access the site just fine when I run it on my local machine and access it over the network. In view of this, I tried removing the force-ssl package and accessing it on the main server without SSL, but unfortunately, that did not work either.

Is it a current iPad with the most recent version of Safari?
Just checking that its not an iPad 1, not sure if there are issues with the first edition iPads but worth checking.

It is an iPad Air running iOS 9 Public Beta 2. I believe the problem began when it was still on iOS 8 though (standard iOS, not jailbroken or anything like that).

I have the exact same iPad with PB2 as well.
When I get home I will have a look on it to see if I get Safari errors from my meteor app.

I checked on another iPad Air running iOS 8, and also checked on the iOS Simulator running iOS 9 (from the latest Xcode public beta). The iOS 8 iPad worked fine; the simulated iOS 9 iPad did not - I got the same issue I am experiencing on my iPad.

Then I found this and removed the Babel package. It works fine now!!

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Oh sorry I didn’t reply back - I ended up running into all sorts of issues because I hadn’t actually updated the Beta beyond the first developer beta on my iPad. That beta expired. I had a mission trying to reset it after that. Glad you got it sorted.