Regarding reducing load up time of meteor apps home page

We have a meteor app where we could see two of the meteor files are taking around 500+ ms to load when the first page is loaded.Below are the files -
meteor_js_resource - taking around 500ms
and other is the e1***********.js - which is minimized app file,that also takes around 500+ms.

Is there any way to reduce the time taken for these files and can you please advise what each files are?
The second one seems to be the full app file,but seems like it is not lazy loading the page alone,rather loading the full page.Using angular meteor,is there anyway to lazy load the page alone rather than the full page.

Other doubt is we could see the web page is loading in less than 2s in a mac machine,but from windows machine it is always taking around 3.5 s.Only difference in network traffic is showing is for websocket and we are having multiple instances for handling the load as well.Could you pls advise whether websockets can be slow in windows whether comPRED TO MAC/OTHER OS BROWSER.Both are using chrome browsers.


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