Release Notes 1.5.2



Why are releases notes taking so long to get published?


Do you mean via If so the docs site can sometimes lag a bit behind. It’s a bit of a manual process to get that section regenerated. In the meantime, you can always check out the main Meteor repo’s (which is almost always up to date).


They are updated. Thank you for mentioning it!

As @hwillson said, the Meteor repository always has the most recent version of the release notes. We are working on improving the efficiency of the docs getting updated, but it is a manual process at the moment and there was a lot going on with the disclosure itself.

Ultimately, there was a problem getting the docs deployed quickly due to a transitive npm dependency which was updated and had to be tracked down. If you’re curious of the details, see my comments here. Luckily, thanks to npm@5's package-lock.json, this hiccup shouldn’t be an obstacle in the future – though the process is still manual at the moment, so you should certainly rely on the repository’s release notes if you need the most immediate details.