Releasing our "Auditing Meteor applications" book

Today we are proud to announce the release of our first Meteor book “Auditing Meteor applications”.
It’s a book about important stuff you need to be aware of when developing large scale Meteor apps.

Read the announcement blog post here:


Hi pmuens,

does it include support for Meteor 1.3? If not, are there plans to update the book for Meteor 1.3?

I’m assuming if I buy the book today I will be able to download it later when Meteor 1.3 support has been added?


Thank you for your reply.

Most of our customers we work with run Meteor 1.2 or earlier (the book originates from the work with our customers).
But we have some pointers about Meteor 1.3 and will update the book when Meteor 1.3 will be officially released.

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Would it be possible to have a look at a couple of sample pages?


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Congrats on the book release @pmuens - thanks for taking the time to release this! The table of contents looks great. I agree with @pram - showing a few sample pages would be awesome.

@hwillson @pram Thank you!

Yes, sure! We’ll upload a sample file the upcoming days so you can get get an idea what the book looks like.

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Just bought it and take a look at it. Did you call this a book? With less than 1 hour reading. 84 pages and each page is around 20 lines. one gitingore file take abound three pages. I will say this is a long blog.

And you should mentioned that this is for less-experienced developer or beginner.

Hey @brightsea
Thank you for your feedback. This is the first version of our book. We’ll update it frequently with more content.

Could you provide some suggestions for future content?


There is no where I found that this book is just first draft. You said that this is a release and you have no any statement how many pages it is, how many contents in each page. You just post a long list of directory. Actually this long list counts in your three pages as well. I will say this is a misleading.

Anywhere, we welcome anybody contribute to this great community. If you can make your book/blog improve more instead of just list some general information we can easily find in this forum, that will be great. I guess you can still get some beginners to pay for it.

Please forgive my offence. Wish you can provide some sample chapters for everybody and make very clearly how many content it has and your detail plan how to improve it so that others will not have the same feeling as me.

Hey @brightsea
Good point with the page count. Thanks. We’ll add this soon.
Sample chapters are coming soon.

Just to be clear, this book is a first version, not a draft.
The goal of the book was not to provide an overview of learning Meteor but to help developers audit their application and code.

Every day we review many Meteor projects where we see the same mistakes again and again. It seems like the available books don’t cover those information. That’s because we’ve gathered the information in one place.

Do you think we missed something? Please let us know so we can improve the book.

Hey @pmuens
I’d like to see you making progress. We all know writing a book is not an easy job. Wish you can continue your plan and success!