Reload-3D: A web 3D demo game

Hi ppl.

I just finished my version of leaderboard in

But it is not the reason that I start this new topic.
I have deployed my 3D FPS shooter demo game in
It worth a look.

Some words for the game:
You have a supply of 20 bullets in your gun.
When you hit an avi you get a bullet from the enemy.
If you do not hit an avi you spend a bullet but…
If you hit air (not buildings or other targets) you do not spend the bullet.
Every time you reload a new avi arrives in world.
You reload with “C” key.
Thats the basics.

Have fun.

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Neat - congrats. One bit of feedback - I found the mouse controls to be difficult. Having the camera always moving off center is very different than most FPS, and it is very hard to get used to. You might consider changing it to traditional FPS controls - meaning, the camera only moves if you move the mouse.

Also, I’m not quite sure I saw how it was using Meteor specifically. I’m sure it’s a Meteor app, but is it using reactivity or DDP or anything? I saw the login buttons at the top, but that was about it. Seemed like it might as well have been a node app?

Keep up the good work!

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Hi Gamemaker.
Thank you for your feedback.
Ιs supposed to be difficult to find the target. It must not be easy to earn one bullet from the enemy. But you can stable camera’s position by pressing the “Q” key. Read the controls keys in top right corner of screen. Then the camera becomes static. It is up to user. Yes, it is a meteor build all right.

Ah - and now you’ve learned something I still forget after 20 years making games:




to save me sniffing, have you got a repo for it - or can you tell me what you’ve used for the 3-d?

Hi garrilla.
I use three.js and cannon.js

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Hi again guys.

An update of reload-3d game is on board.

I will not dizzy you with the no-user visιble stuff.

You just need to know that controls are better,
player start with 1000 bullet in his/her pocket,
and there is auto-reload and machine-gun for sign-in users.

I hope next update will support multiusers.

Any help or/and feedback are welcome.

Enjoy it in full screen mode.