Remote call problem in ios

Hello all, I built a web based app and just met a very weird problem in ios. The following code work perfectly in android but not ios. Anybody can help? Really appreciate it!!!

var latlng= Geolocation.latLng();
if(latlng) {
comp.stop();‘customer.current_addrV2’, latlng, function (err, addr) {
alert(addr); //cannot popup windows in iphone or ipad
I guess something wrong when method is triggered in ios?
Everything works perfectly in android or desktop broswer but not ios, very strange, please help.

Alert() probably doesn’t work on the iOS webview would be my guess. I would something else (like a log) to check that your callback is running.

the callback is not running after testing with console.log. Why this doesn’t work in ios? Do I need to install some package or fix on server?