Remote Hack Weekend to finish our 1.5 year Homelessness Map Meteor build

After 1.5 years we’re finally getting ready for launch of the Street Sleeper/Brighter Tomorrow’s Map, to help connect people on the streets around the World to essential resources, and to connect them with ordinary folk like us who’d like to help

Would you like to join in, or do you know anyone else who is passionate about helping people who are Homeless? we’d love some more people to come along and help at our Hack Weekend as we launch our Brighter Tomorrows Map

Getting a few intros in here right now should help to build excitement to about the levels i’m at, and get pre-hack discussion going:

Anyone can help, any skills are welcome and participating from anywhere. Testers, developers, graphic designers, writers, researchers
Join and share here to help build a FB buzz:

the Github: