Remote Meteor/Fullstack Jobs @ Northflank

Job title and remuneration:
Software engineer, Remote (Any country), $40,000-$50,000 + DOE

Role :
Frontend, Meteor, DDP Pub/Sub.

Working on the Northflank Cloud Platform. Building reusable components and implementing new features.

You will be working on:

  • extending our design system powered by React and Styled Components with our design team
  • new out of the box devops capability with our system engineers
  • modular npm packages
  • next-gen real-time cloud UI with data-heavy components

How to apply:


Advanced knowledge in React, Meteor, Styled Components

Bonus: Understanding of DDP


  • Meteor & Next.js
  • React
  • Styled Components
  • MongoDB, Redis

What is Northflank?

Northflank bundles every layer of DevOps into a unified platform.

  • Continuous integration, deployment & delivery as a single platform
  • Managed container and infrastructure orchestration
  • Support for multiple cloud providers and regions out of the box
  • Automatic ancillary services: logging, metrics, load-balancing, auto-scaling, secret & configuration management and TLS certificate provisioning.

Driving motivations

  • Cloud infrastructure is expensive - Northflank aims to commoditise cloud and reduce bills by 30%.
  • Multi-cloud workload portability enables price, availability and latency optimisation.
  • DevOps landscape is complex with hundreds of competing tools for specific segments - Northflank has created the glue between these platforms to create an end to end product.
  • Existing PaaS offerings are limiting, expensive and require developers to modify their software.
  • Make DevOps accessible - through the Northflank UI and API a wider audience can use CI/CD/CD with highly available systems.

I am interested.
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Sofia G

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