Remove data that start time is lowet than special condition

I’m learning meteor with mongodb and I have one problem. Imagine this scenario: User reserves a table (user inserts start_time and end_time into collecion). If user is late more than 15 min. reservation must be deleted. Sound simple. However I run into issues

 Meteor.setInterval(() => {
     var result = Collections.Reservation.remove({
         start_date : {
             $lte: (new Date().getTime() - 900000)
      console.log("adfsfuidfgfg " + result);
}, 1000);

Problem is my data is not being deleted! I don’t even imagine what I’m doing wrong. I spend almost 3 hours and I didn’t find anytging what’s wrong here’s my data from mongo shell

Client side? You must remove by _id on client

Nope all logic with removing is on server side.

If you do a find of the same query as your remove, do you get the right results back?
The only thing I can think of is that I’m not 100% sure if Mongo supports comparing Dates with Numbers like JS does, so try {$lte: new Date(new Date() - 900000)}