Remove hot-code-push from meteor packages


I want to know if there is a way to remove hot-code-push from meteor packages.
I don’t see any options in doc to disable this functionality and it’s not in .meteor/packages.


You could do meteor remove hot-code-push.

This is added as part of the meteor-base package.

Thanks for the quick reply but when I run this command i get “hot-code-push is not in this project.”

Yeah - my bad. You’ll actually need to do:

meteor remove meteor-base
meteor add meteor webapp underscore ddp livedata

(take out base and add everything except hcp back in)

It’s working thanks a lot !

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That’s interesting, I can’t remember why I put hot-code-push inside meteor-base. My intention was to only include things that are absolutely necessary. Perhaps we should take it out?


Maybe it’s a good idea to remove it from meteor-base and put it by default in packages file on new projects

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@sashko do you want a pull request for that ?

There are a lot of details to get right, can you file an issue and mention me? I want to make a list of all the things to consider