Remove limitations for "new users" that aren't really new

I was just smacked by Discourse that as a new user, I can’t post more than two links.

This one particular limitation was easy to overcome, but the idea is that since we’re migrating from an existing forum, many users are actually trusted; Discourse ideally should reflect that.

Moderators can manually bump a user’s trust level in the admin settings (wrench icon) for the user.

I just couldn’t post because on first day you’re limited to 10 replies :smile:

I think most of these limitations are quite good as they help Discourse not to be fully open to spammers and have some safety nets. You will quite quickly be promoted to not be a new user anymore after reading, liking and posting a bit, so this shouldn’t be too hard in most cases.


If you run into this, pm me and I can bump your level.

We’re trying to beat the war on spam!

That might be tough! New users can’t PM, but they can reply to PMs.

The new user limit is fairly easy to get through:

  • enter 5 topics
  • read 30 posts
  • spend 10 minutes total reading

Discourse does calculate read time for all posts that are on your screen, so this isn’t just a “scrolled past it real fast” check :wink: