Remove old Jquery after 1.8.3 update on project that uses blaze-html-templates

I’m using blaze-html-templates so as mentioned in:(meteor/ at devel · meteor/meteor · GitHub)
the jquery package is installed. I was wondering if there is anyway to remove this version so i can instead install the npm version and not having two jquery packages installed.

In the update notes it is mentioned that you can run meteor remove jquery, however i still get two jquery installs after i install the npm version as shown here in the bundle visualizer.

any help here would be highly appreciated.

meteor update jquery

@coagmano after running the update and running that command, all i get is

The specified packages are at their latest compatible versions.

Also i think i should be more specific about what I’m trying to achieve: I need to install jquery 2.2.4 because my project is using Bootstrap and it isn’t compatible with anything over version 3.0

If you’ve got Meteor 1.8.3 and the most up to date jquery meteor package from atmosphere, then it will use whatever version you have installed via npm.

So if you want jquery 2.2.4, you will need to run meteor npm install jquery@2.2.4
You shouldn’t have two jquerys in the bundle afterwards, so i assumed that was the problem

Last I checked, the bundle visualiser shows packages for web.browser and web.browser.legacy separately, so it can look like a package is included twice, but I thought that was fixed a while ago.

What version of jquery and bundle-visualizer do you have in .meteor/versions?

That’s the weird part even if i run the

meteor update jquery

i get the latest compatible version message but in version it still shows jquery 1.11.11. is it possible some other package is preventing the update?

Regarding the bundle visualizer the version I’m running is 1.2.2