Removed Blaze & jquery, why are they still added to the build?

We’ve replaced Blaze with mwc:layout to render Polymer components and removed the Blaze, BlazeLayout and jQuery packages from meteor but Blaze & jquery are still being loaded to the build. How can we get rid of them?

What’s your package list?

accounts-password 1.1.5-beta.12* Password support for accounts check 1.1.1-beta.12* Check whether a value matches a pattern cosmos:browserify 0.10.0 Bundle NPM modules for client side with Browserify dferber:prerender 2.2.0_2 Node wrapper for prerender ecmascript 0.4.0-beta.12* Compiler plugin that supports ES2015+ in all .js files email 1.0.9-beta.12* Send email messages es5-shim 4.3.2-beta.12* Shims and polyfills to improve ECMAScript 5 support http 1.1.2-beta.12* Make HTTP calls to remote servers kadira:dochead 1.4.0 Isomorphic way to manipulate document.head for Meteor apps kadira:flow-router 2.10.1 Carefully Designed Client Side Router for Meteor less 2.5.2-beta.12* Leaner CSS language logging 1.0.9-beta.12* Logging facility. meteor-base 1.0.1 Packages that every Meteor app needs mongo 1.1.4-beta.12* Adaptor for using MongoDB and Minimongo over DDP mwc-compiler 1.0.4+ Use polymer as the default templating engine instead of blaze. mwc:compiler 1.1.48 Use polymer as the default templating engine instead of blaze. mwc:ecmascript 1.0.3* es6 support for polymer. mwc:extensions 1.0.22 MWC compiler extensions mwc:layout 1.1.5 mwc layout nemo64:bootstrap 3.3.5_2 Highly configurable bootstrap integration. random 1.0.6-beta.12* Random number generator and utilities reload 1.1.5-beta.12* Reload the page while preserving application state. session 1.1.2-beta.12* Session variable standard-minifier-css 1.0.3-beta.12* Standard css minifier used with Meteor apps by default. standard-minifier-js 1.0.3-beta.12* Standard javascript minifiers used with Meteor apps by default. tracker 1.0.10-beta.12* Dependency tracker to allow reactive callbacks

dferber:prerender has a hard dependency on the core templating package

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Thanks, that solved it! Just curious, how did you know about that? I’ve looked at a few packages but after a while I gave up finding the dependency. Is there a way to find the dependencies easier than going through package one by one?

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Just an educated guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Atmosphere lists up to 10 dependants which helps sometimes but otherwise I don’t think there’s an easier method yet…

“meteor show package:name” might be helpful as well.


@sashko Would be nice to have the inverse: meteor relies-on [package]. After a while of trying I cannot get rid of Blaze!

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this command makes it easier to see package dependencies:

for p in `meteor list | grep '^[a-z]' | awk '{sub(/[+*]$/, "", $2); print $1"@"$2 }'`; do echo "$p"; meteor show "$p" | grep -E '^ [a-z]'; echo; done

taken from @abernix suggestion at