Removing autopublish and usiing subscription in my first Meteor project


Hey guys,

I am finally at the last stage in my first Meteor project. Even though I was following through in the tutorial, and understood how the codes were written, I found it difficult replicating the results in my system due to package updates and dependencies changes. However, I managed to arrive at the final stage which is to remove the autopublish, and use subscription to show stuffs in the client. The issue now is that when I follow how it was done in here it doesn’t work when I start local host. So I have moved the code (the one with autopublish) to a git repository, I’ll be grateful if someone can assist to make the subscription facility work. Thanks.


When you remove the autopublish, you’ll need define publication on the server and then subscribe to it on the client. You can fine instruction on how to do that at the Meteor Guide here.


Yes. I defined a publication on the server, and I’ve subscribed to it on the client. But it isn’t working. The material on the meteor site is too comprehensive for me to understand at this moment. If I can get assistance to make my mini-project to work, it will make me know how to implement it in basic terms, then build on my understanding from what is in the official site. I’ll create another repository on what I have done. Find it here.


I believe you have to subscribe to each of the meteor.methods you made eg subscribe to the meteor method in client.js