Removing meteor packages don't remove them from app



I’m trying to optimize my app by removing some of the atmosphere packages, culprit packages are session and service-configuration. But even though they are no longer listed in the /.meteor/packages file, they still persist in the /.meteor/versions file and are still present when running the app.
I’m developing on Windows and currently using v
Any suggestions?



Possibly another package utilizes said package


You can see the whole tree of package dependencies with:

meteor list --tree

Which will show you which package is including session and service-configuration

Most commonly service-configuration comes from accounts-base or any accounts package


Thanks. That explains the issue. It seems weird to me that if I don’t require the external login feature but only the basic login/logout feature, the service-configuration will still be installed. Especially when the doc specifically mentions to add this package in order to configure external logins.


Yeah they could make it a weak dependency.

It doesn’t bother me much because it’s a very small dependency. After minification it ships 635 bytes to the client