Render html file on client


I’m have a .html file in my private folder and I am trying to access it on the client.
In that file there are some Spacebars.

On the server I can simply do:

SSR.compileTemplate('invoice_comp_tmpl', Assets.getText('file.html'));

    var html_string = SSR.render('layout', {
      css: css,
      template: "invoice_comp_tmpl",
      data: data

I know about ```Blaze.toHTMLWithData(Template, data)```.
But I can't get it to work.
Any Ideas?


The private folder is accessible only from server code:


So I should put the .html file in the public folder.
What is the client side equivalent to Assets.getText()?


.html (template) files are built automatically on the client - you don’t need to do anything.


Ok my bad.
Maybe I should have elaborated a little bit more on what I am trying to do.
Sorry about that.

I’m using a package that requires a html string to generate a pdf:, function(result) {;