Replacement for meteor-react-router-ssr

I’m currently using meteor-react-router-ssr to make meteor isomorphic with the use of react-router, but it’s currently not maintained, any good replacement? the main thing is to make meteor do server side rendering but work with react-router.

Thank you in advance

Why replace it? It works fine with Meteor 1.4. Honestly, the package isn’t super deep and easy to pick through if something does break.

is not using the last version of react-router, issue open on git and nobody is going to do anything about it

I will see about getting this situated in the morning.


That’s one of the reason why we have started this one:

In addition, it has:

  • react-router 4
  • redux based
  • TTL caching
  • Collections injections
  • Helpers for redux for resynchronysing collections either via subscriptions or method call
  • Responsive analysis (quite like redux-responsive)
  • Sitemaps & Robot.txt support
  • REST & webhooks capabilities
  • Early i18n support
  • An universal logger with log levels

What really makes it special is that it has been created from the ground up via a Github organization and under an MIT license. There are currently 4 contributors from 4 different companies and 3 different countries. Hence, if one contributor is leaving the project, the code is not going the be left unmaintained.

Other contributors are quite welcomed. We are focused heavily on performances & best practices (hence the name: WPO).


Ok, I’ve released an update fixing the the version check for react-router and hacked in a patch to make subscriptions run when using createContainer. I’ve also cleaned up and merged some of the pull requests and those changes will make it into the next release. For now I’ve not updated the npm package as I’ve not been giving access, and I don’t fully understand how npm packages interact with meteor specific packages.

From here I’m going to start working through the codebase, doing a lot of clean up, and wrapping my head around the way it functions a little better. Contributions in the form of new/updated issues, pull requests or financial support are more than welcome.

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@copleykj I have a big issue, I’m trying to run a mongoless app (using graphql) but meteor-react-router-ssr uses mongo, I keep getting an error

Error: invalid schema, expected mongodb
at packages\accounts-base.js:226:4

Because I’m using MONGO_URL=none (this works on a normal meteor app)

is there a way to use it without mongo? or how can I make a custom mongoless version of meteor-react-router-ssr?

Are you sure this has something to do with react-router-ssr? The error appears to stem from the accounts-base package.

Problem gets solved once I remove the ssr package, something is calling mongo inside of the ssr

@copleykj do you have your fork in atmosphere?

It’s the original package, not a fork.

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So I think this issue may stem from the fast-render package querying for the currently logged in user. Not sure what can be done about it right now though, as the package relies heavily on fast-render.

Thanks for the reply, I did notice that, was trying to remove mongo but didn’t felt confident enough, if you have something in mind let me know.

Here is a discussion with @arunoda about removing mongo from fast render.