Request for emacs tern configuration


I tried to get Slava’s tern-meteor working on emacs. Apparently this is possible, but since there’s no documentation and I’ve never used tern before, I’m baffled and spending way too much time on it.

What would be great is if people who have used tern on emacs (you know you’re out there) could post even the most basic “I did X, Y, and Z” instructions. Even if they cannot, for whatever reason, provide documentation (for example, they have better things to do), such basic info would help n00bs get up and running quickly, and maybe real documentation could magically emerge from us writing up what we did.

If you have used tern on emacs, please post some information. If you know somebody who has: tell them dmr will find them and cut them if they don’t cough up the brief docs.

Thanks everyone.