Request for feedback: Get It Done - open source meteor project

Dear meteor community,
Allow me to introduce to you our open source meteor project

Get It Done - application for self organisation and time management.

We would love to hear you feedback on it, including any bugs/issues and feature requests.

You can find basic information here - GitHub - apiko-dev/get-it-done: Meteor application for self organisation and time management.
And contact us on our development group -
Site -

3 Likes shows the default iron:router screen.

Just on the landing page, I found the whole UX a bit rough

  • Clicking on ‘get started’ top right, your attention bounces to ‘SIGN IN PLEASE’ on the left (blank page), but that does nothing, so you go back to ‘Sign in with Google’ on the right.
  • However, on the way there, my mouse accidentally goes over the top nav and ‘Your boards…’ pops down, obscuring all the buttons.
  • And those menu items doesn’t make sense when I’m logged out

I should also mention that only top top nav loaded for the first 5 seconds so I didn’t think there was anything else to the landing page.

The main question going through my mind looking at the features list is, I already have something that does inbox, calendar and task organisation by boards, why do I need this product? The first 20 seconds of the video showing me how I can change background colors (twice) didn’t improve that impression…

Man that last paragraph sounds alot harsher than I intended. It’s purely an opinion and I guess the main thing screaming out at me is I can’t figure out your value add in the first minute on the site, lose interest.

Agree with what mordrax said. There’s more issue than that on the page of course. But the interesting question really is why this product? It’s time for a 2 sentence elevator pitch ;).

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seems a bit early for public testing imo. It somehow feels like there is hardly anything there. The concept is very interesting to me as good to do apps that work with a calendar in a useful way are hard to come by. (ie. show tasks in calendar but dont remove them when not yet done just because time has passed) Also the time tracking integration seems promising. One general design “flaw” as far as i’m concerned is that there seems to be several way to do the same thing (new board for example) which is unnecessary and makes it feel cluttered. Also it seems completed tasks just vanish completely which is pretty disappointing.

A few bug/typos I did find:

  • aoutopilot is a typo on the first slide down from the front page
  • sometimes the “my boards hover” comes down blocking the top buttons
  • mousepointer gets hidden in new task view
  • error message on task creation are shown behind the modal making them practically invisible