Request: More frequent updates to react packages

One thing I’d love to see from MDG is more frequent updates to the core React package. Meteor React is at 0.14.1, yet React 0.14.3 is out. And in 0.14.1, the onClick handler in IE10/11 is totally busted (fixed in 0.14.2).

Of course if there’s anything we can do to help, fire away. Though I’m not sure what’s entailed in updating the Meteor React package to make sure everything runs smoothly. Frankly I’d be kind of afraid to touch it. :smile:


Yes, we plan to update these for 1.3.

cc @evanyou, @Urigo – can you suggest ways to help?


I’ll look into this next week!


I think that this pretty much definitively proves the point that Meteor packages that just wrap an npm package are not the future.

By “this”, I mean the fact that even MDG can’t manage to keep a core package (react-meteor) up to date with the upstream npm. That in and of itself isn’t a criticism, it’s just the nature of this method of redistributing 3rd party libraries for Meteor.

That MDG weren’t planning to update React until some time next year is another matter altogether however!

I hope what you really meant to say was that in 1.3 Meteor will natively support NPM packages, and this won’t be a problem any more. :wink:


nice to see all MDG core team here more frequently !!!


I’ve just been using cosmos:browserify to install npm dependencies, that way I can stay up to date with React. You can install React from npm and only add meteor add react-meteor-data so that you get the meteor reactive data mixin but can still use plain old React. Meteor’s version quickly fell behind and there’s no real reason to use it to be honest


I’ve avoided browserify and webpack forever, because it always felt like shoe-horning something into Meteor that doesn’t really belong. But I may consider it if I can keep React up to date more easily (on my own terms). We’ll see what Meteor 1.3 brings.

PS: I tried to use React with browserify, apparently I did something wrong because it’s not playing nice with ReactLayout and Flow Router:

There is no route for the path: /

Just talked to Sashko today, we definitely admit that these wrapper packages are not the ideal integration for the long term - with modules coming in 1.3, it’s likely that we will be able to make using React a lot easier (like just npm install react react-dom instead of using a wrapper package and cosmos:browserify for 3rd party components)


FYI Just published react 0.14.3