Request origin from mobile app


Hello,I am new in meteor i have developed one application which is call third party api and its working fine in my website. i have made application from my OSX machine with live website url with following command
meteor ~/androidapp build --server=https://mysite.comand my app started successfully everything works fine except my third party api.Please note my thrid party api also authenticating request origin. i am not able to figure out that what is the request origin of mobile app with above command i have set ROOT_URL as a env variable in my OSX machine which is same available at my EC2 serverPlease try to figure out what is the problem


I think in a mobile app the origin is meteor.local


Are you sure about this? how can we know about this thing?



Add this to your mobile config file



@patrickwml I already put this thing in my app. I have solved my problem using meteor.local when i am giving request from my mobile app to that api that request origin is meteor.local. thanks @benjick for this great help